Anonymous asked: you said you was in a did it go?

My friends and I showed up at his house and one of my friends called the guy and told him I was waiting outside to fight him. Long story short we fought on his front lawn. We were both getting good hits in, and by the end of it he ended up with a busted eye and I ended up with a busted lip. I would call it a fair/even fight. I don’t really like fighting but if I really have to then I will and that was one of those instances where I felt it was necessary to bust a bitch up~

Anonymous asked: are you gonna watch top model this cycle? if so, who are you rooting for? i like keith, kari, lenox, matthew, shei and ivy. plus, keith is packing a bbc, which i know you love lol.

Yeah I’m gonna watch but Idk why I’m not excited for it for some reason. Maybe I’ll be more hype once the first episode airs. I’m rooting for Keith [of course], Shei, Mirjana, Kari, Raelia, Matthew, and Chantelle.

Anonymous asked: Is it bad that I can get into my straight friends?

I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but then again you have to know your boundaries. I had a crush on my straight bestfriend in high school for the longest time and he would even do little things to make me question him too, but at the end of the day you gotta know your boundaries and if you wanna keep them as a friend don’t cross them or make them feel uncomfortable.

Anonymous asked: Dalila comes and goes episode 12, Raesha comes at the beginning of 13 and stirs shit up by the time they go to Spain which continues onto episode 14 and there is a finale fight

That sounds real cute. Hopefully this is the truth tea and not just more bullshit~

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure all Alex does on the last episode is tell blu about herself, which I am SO here for. and raesha said she fights in the house so shes probably part of the finale fight.

I hope Alex does that tbh. Cause somebody needs to do it. & She better fight cause it’s sounding like the bitch is only gonna be in 2 episodes. But then again you never know cause bitches be lying about getting into fights in the house.. Zuly..

Anonymous asked: You like Erica from bgc8? I feel like she's under appreciated. She's one of my fav bad girls. Yeah she talked alot of ish and didn't back it up but still... I mean look at Tanisha, Natalie, Char, Stasi, [Erica], Rocky, Sarah etc, the biggest boldest girls of their season, all had annoying traits and flaws but that's what made them them...

I thought Queen Venetia was fucking hilarious. Especially when you rewatch the season. She did need her ass beat tho, she never got that karma and that’s probably why people hate her. But I liked her. Looking back on Season 8 it really wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was a funny season.

Anonymous asked: I love slims body

Yassss killing the game with them hips~

Anonymous asked: o.o I have a feeling when Slim actually snaps and looses Loren maybe Blu might not see the light of day

Lmao I doubt that will ever happen. Slim still cool in my books tho. <3

Anonymous asked: i think Dalila will come episode 12, raesha towards the end of 13 then spain maybe the finale. idk if there's a finale fight this season.

Tbh I kinda feel like Dalila might enter and leave in 12 since she was only there for a couple days or so. If not then probably leave at the beginning of 13. Then Raesha comes and only gets to be in 13 and 14 unless they somehow extended the number of episodes. And yeah Idk what to believe anymore about this how Alex leaves shit. I kinda think she just left on her own without any drama but we’ll see~

Anonymous asked: bgc returns july 29. the preview showed the families come and redd vs jada in the limo, i think after all the family stuff.

Redd is literally about to take Jada’s LIFE. I was so dead. It was like a grizzly bear mauling a child~