Anonymous asked: congrats on graduating college!!

Thanks bae! Nigga I made it~

Anonymous asked: damn, your so fine. I just love black men

Thank you. Black don’t crack~

whatdidntyouexpect asked: BGC13 is the last season for now.. They are preparing for BGCASB3.. But!! BGC13 is like the breaking point or whatever for the rest of BGC.. Meaning if BGC13 doesn't have good ratings, then thats the end of BGC. Also Blu & Jenn are through.

Yeah that’s what I heard. At this point I think it’s whatever whether they keep BGC running or cancel it; it’s honestly been disappointing since Season 10. I’m excited for 13 and hope it’s amazing, but Idk. I guess we’ll have to see.

As far as Jenn & Blu, good. Jenn can do better anyway~


"I tried so so so so so so so hard but I have to evict Donny"



We lost the fan favorites in a row


Anonymous asked: Last season on oxygen ? They moving networks boo duh

I know boo but we don’t know..

1. Which network

2. If the show will even be the same [depending on the network they might cut out most of the violence]

3. When it will even happen

I doubt Judi really knows anything about it. Y’all know she literally crazy~

Anonymous asked: Judi tweeted about BGC14 if its a redemption season who do you want on it ? and plus rumor has that BGASB3 is taking 1 more time to try at it who would you like on that too

I heard 13 was the last season on Oxygen tho. Idk if/when it’s gonna have a season after that.

If they do have a second redemption season tho I would wanna see girls who actually need redemption. Raesha and Hailey needed more time cause I liked them, Jessica needs a season without Char, Jenna needs to come back, Gia was too background although I love her, Venetia seems different now so I’d wanna see her again, Nicky, Shanae, and Teresa might’ve been better in different seasons, and for the 10th spot another girl who left early.

If they do ASB again tho my dream cast would be Ashley King, Christina, Kristen, Lea, Brandi, Nikki, Wilma, Lauren, Angie, Tiara, Gia, Nicky, Milyn, Jada, Lo, and Raesha.

Anonymous asked: Where hav u been???

All over the place boo. Graduated from college in May, now I’m back at home, just got a job, life is kinda busy right now but I’ma try to be around.

Anonymous asked: Rank the BGC12 girls from fave to least

01. Jada Angela Nicole Cacchilli Looney
02. REDD
03. Loren
04. Blu
05. Raesha
06. Aysia
07. Dalila
08. Linsey
09. Britt
10. Alex