Anonymous asked: Just saw your response to my thingy lol. Jaylen Jackson has ass for days lmao.

Just checked him out. Not really my cup of tea, lol.

Anonymous asked: have you ever ate ass?

Yeah I have, once. I liked it.

Anonymous asked: prettiest antm girls off the top of your head






Anonymous asked: lmao thanks for that advice. he also ate me out well and used his tounge the right way. i told him i never fucked a black guy b4, he said well white girls need to enjoy a black dick once in their life.

I agree, boo. Everyone should experience black dick~

Anonymous asked: lol loved that gia gif. hope u didn't think i was nasty. i just found out im into black men and wont go back lol. it was great, i thought i was ripped apart. he just rammed it in and made me squirt

Lmao yesss. They will do that to you. It’s a next level experience. Black is beautiful~

Anonymous asked: omg i had sex with a black dude and it was amazing, he strecthed my white hole out lol. white chicks love big dark meat lol.


Anonymous asked: dont mean to be nasty but i love that u like black dick.

Lol. I love me some Latin dick too but I mean I am black so it’s just natural instinct~

Anonymous asked: I really didn't mean relationship wise, I meant when a guy flirts with u and asks for ur number, or a guy that tries to hang out with u

The same rules apply honestly. I wouldn’t change a thing I said. If you really want to make sure if they like you or not, you have to let them know you’re not ready for the sexual stuff, and if they’re cool with that until you’re ready then they probably like you. Communication is key.

Anonymous asked: how can u tell if a guy really likes u, or if he's just leading u on because he wants sex? im a girl btw

Are you two in a relationship? If not then that’s most likely a sign he just wants sex from you. If you are in a relationship and got into it fairly quickly without really knowing each other too well, that could be hard to trust also. My advice would be to set your boundaries now. Take into account how many times he has asked you to do it for him already if that wasn’t the first time. You need to let him know that you’re not ready for whatever he wants to do with you sexually and sort of play hard to get in a way regarding it. If he is willing to wait around for you for as long as you would like to and doesn’t constantly bring it up knowing the boundaries you set, then he might actually like you for real.

Anonymous asked: I know I'm young but I just turned 16 and this dude asked me to give him a bj. Tbh I want to but another part of me says I shouldnt. What do you think

My opinion is if you are honestly questioning whether you should or shouldn’t in situations like this, you probably shouldn’t. It shows that you don’t believe you’re truly ready to do it. Never put yourself in a situation like this where you’re unsure about it, because you will end up regretting it. When you do feel like you are truly ready and have known and talked to the guy for a while, especially since you’re so young and teenage boys are usually bad news, then I say go for it.